Between a Breast & a Hard Place

The Big Roost

Patas Perspective

Harbour House Seal

Checking the Boundary Lines

Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert

Basking Cheetah

Basking Cheetah

Matriarchal Herd

Quiet Time of Reflection

Momma’s Boy

Reclining Lions

Window Shopping

Afternoon Swim

Riverbank Real Estate

Long Walk Home

Pale Chanting Goshawk

Blackwing Stilts

Blackwing Stilts

Double Trouble

Space Invasion

Matusadona – Kariba Paradise

Looking for Jonathan

Walk in the Park

Namibian Lions

Sleeping Goose

Preening Goose

Three’s a Crowd

Strange Encounter

Dive Festival

Hissing Goose

Time on his side

World of Birds, Enclosure 10.

Boy with Cockatoo

Tea in Paradise

Handsome Boy Diptych

Handsome Boy Diptych

Contented Companions

Quiet Reflections

Neighbourhood Watch

Mother’s Pride

Swimming Lesson

Breaking Cover

Solitary Diver

Water off a Goose’s Back

Great Expectations