The artwork that Peter Gray has submitted for the consideration of Birds in Art jurors in recent years has been consistently strong and beautifully executed. His distinct perspective and artistic skill are among the reasons why Peter’s Birds in Art submissions have met with success. Peter’s work has been included in Woodson Art Museum Birds in Art exhibitions from 2005 through 2011 and also in 2013.

Kathy Kelsey Foley Director Woodson Art Museum

Year-after-year, Peter’s paintings are always at the very top of my ‘favorites’ list when I am reviewing the SAA exhibition. He is truly a MASTER artist… and I have been in a unique position as former President of the Society of Animal Artists (2008 – 2013) to see the very best of the genre produced by the finest nature artists working today. His work is always exquisitely rendered, masterful in composition, and portrays an lovely use of light. His work is also extraordinarily well-informed, and it is readily apparent to the viewer that Peter Gray is intimately familiar with his subject matter and their appropriate habitat. When he portrays a watery environment for his animal subjects, you’d swear you could touch the painting and feel wet! And I still recall fondly his painting of a little Bat-eared Fox in the 51st Annual Exhibition. The little fox was resting on a sandy surface and appeared to be almost asleep… until you caught the glint in the eye. It was alert and full of life. Peter’s attention to important little details is remarkable – which elevates the work to an even higher level. Peter Gray should be recognized internationally as one of the foremost animal artists of the 21st century.

Diane D. Mason