The top 10 questions every artist is asked continued…

By July 14, 2014April 17th, 2021Questions

Q7. Is anybody else in your family artistic?

Yes, all of them.

Q8. Who taught you to paint?

This is actually a good question because I don’t think anybody actually teaches you how to paint. At the end of the day most artisans or skilled individuals will eventually teach themselves. You do need a starting point when somebody introduces you to a brush, paint and a surface.  But even at art school, there is an opportunity not so much to learn how to do anything or everything, but, for me particularly, it was a few years to find out who I was, in order to pursue where I wanted to be.

Q9. Do you do commissions and portraits?

Yes I do. Although I do tend to not take on a commission unless I’m particularly interested in the subject or I’ve got quite a lot of freedom to be able to express the request the way I would like to.

An early masterpiece.