The top 10 questions every artist is asked continued…

By July 15, 2014April 17th, 2021Questions

Q6. What do you use in terms of tools?

For me, it has always been important to use good quality materials, particularly when it comes to paint and canvas . Even when I had just started painting, I insisted on good quality paints. My reasoning is that not even the best carpenter will be able to produce a masterful result from lousy wood. So I always try to get the very best quality paints, linen and canvas primers possible.

I don’t feel it’s as important to get the best brushes, however, as there are so many different types of application tools and it depends largely on the result that you are wanting to achieve. I’ve used all sorts of tools over the years to produce a painting, but it’s always been with good quality paint and on good surfaces.

Paint by numbers.

Don’t leave home without them.